New from Dennis Marker

Fifteen Steps to Corporate Feudalism

How the Rich Convinced America’s Middle Class to Eliminate Themselves

From Ronald Reagan to the Tea Party Movement


The step by step book that will stop the middle class from voting against their own economic interest.




Dennis Marker with Thom Hartmann



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Praise for Fifteen Steps to Corporate Feudalism

 “Can’t find a decent job? Can’t afford to see a doctor when you’re sick? In danger of losing your home? Can’t save for retirement? Have no idea how to pay for your children’s college? The right wing says that it’s all your fault, but it’s not. And this book explains why not. Wake up, America!”

—Congressman Alan Grayson



Thom Hartmann

Host, The Thom Hartman Program, and The Big Picture


 “Marker expertly explains how the Wall Street inequality machine and our corporate overlords rigged the rules of the economy, distracted the public from the real issues of our time, and fueled the collapse of our middle class. This accessible book helps us reclaim our democracy from its capture and looting by global corporations.”


                                                                                                  Chuck Collins

                                                Institute for Policy Studies and author of 99 to 1




“Marker's brilliant account of how conservatives convinced the American middle class to destroy themselves leads directly to why the Occupy movement had to happen.”


—Adam Klugman

Host, Mad As Hell in America



“I highly recommend Fifteen Steps to Corporate Feudalism for use in the classroom, study groups, and book clubs. The text is well organized and leaves its insights open for political imagination, discussion, and subsequent action.”


—Elliot Skinner

Faculty, St. John's College in Santa Fe



“Thank you so much for writing this book. It was eye opening.”

                                                                                                    Mike Riley

                                        Host, WWRL-FM Morning Show, New York, New York




“Irresistible, clear, excellent. I really want to recommend to my listeners.”

                                                                                         Lila Garret                   

                Host, Connect The Dots With Lila Garrett. KPFK, Los Angles CA




“Amazing study of what has happened. I absolutely love it.”

                                                                                               Christiane Brown

                                             Host, The Solution Zone. North Hollywood, CA




“A great book, really interesting.”

                                                                                                         Tom Kiely

                                                                    INN World Report, Brooklyn, NY




“I would strongly recommend people buy this book and read it.”

                                                                                                         Jay Taylor

                            Host, Turning Hard Times into Good Times, Maspeth, NY




“Well written and convincing.”

                                                                                                      Leo Nadeau

                                                             Host, L.A. Steal Show, Salisbury, CT




“An excellent book on the single most important topic facing the middle class today.”

                                                                                     Professor Kevin Barrett

                                                                                    The Kevin Barrett Show




“Clear concise and powerful. The perfect book at the perfect time.”

                                                                                                 Peter B. Collins

                                                The Peter B. Collins Show. San Francisco, CA




“A great piece of work, I want you to get this book”.

                                                                                                     Mike Caddell

                                                                                             Radio Free Kansas




“All Americans should read Dennis Marker’s book.”

                                                                                                   Charles J. Reid

                                                                                     American Reporter, CA


"A really smart guy who has offered some really excellent answers."

Cary Harrison

The Smart Show, Progresssive Radio Network


"Markers contention is that the middle class is being progressively eliminated and I think that's absolutely right...We need to get informed with what's going on, and I recommend this book-it's well worth reading."

Dr. Stan Monteith

Radio Liberty


"Great primer folks...something to get people educated...Here's a guy who didn't have to do this...he did it because he cares."

John Stadmiller

Republic Brodcasting Network


"Very important book...this is what people need to wake up."

Charles Giuliani

Truth Hurtz Radio, Oracle Broadcasting Network


"Understanding the plan-or at the very least understanding that we are being attacked puts us in a better position to to do battle."

Sharon Kyle

L.A. Progressive


"I'm so excited about this new book...I hope it makes a big impact. It's the perfect book at the perfect time."

Pat Lynch

Editor and Chief

Women's Radio Network







“A very, very good read, that puts it all in one place.”

                                                                                                     Mark Bebawi

                                                                    Host, Monitor Radio, Houston TX




“The most important book I’ve ever seen in terms of waking up the middle class. A heroic effort.”

                                                                                                          Jeff Rense

                                                             The Jeff Rense Program, Ashland, OR


Challenge your friends and family to read this short, easy to understand book, and even try to support a conservative again.



America’s middle class is in dramatic decline. What caused its downfall? Was it the media? Tax cuts? The destruction of public education? Corporate greed? Or perhaps the ongoing creation of unnecessary wars? In Fifteen Steps to Corporate Feudalism Dennis Marker provides a step-by-step account of how and why the US middle class has been working harder than ever and is still losing ground. This examination of fifteen specific policies promoted by conservatives and the superrich—and implemented through the vice grip of fear, anger, and greed—reveals that the decline of the middle class is no accident. The Occupy movement has exposed some outgrowths of the extreme wealth inequality and crumbling middle class. This book explains what set it all off and keeps it going. Included is a clear roadmap to begin reversing the damage that’s been done.


“Can’t find a decent job? Can’t afford to see a doctor when you’re sick? In danger of losing your home? Can’t save for retirement? Have no idea how to pay for your children’s college? The right wing says that it’s all your fault, but it’s not. And this book explains why not. Wake up, America!” —Alan Grayson