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Posted on: August 17th, 2012 by admin 6 Comments

One thing is clear. The U.S. middle class has been in decline since the election of Ronald Reagan. The steps outlined in Fifteen Steps to Corporate Feudalism explain why.  While the move from middle class democracy to a Corporate Feudal Republic has continued since the “Reagan Revolution” with both Republicans and Democrats in control of the White House, the pace has been much quicker with Republicans in charge. The Paul Ryan budget is nothing more than a blueprint for Corporate Feudalism. Tax cuts for billionaires and giant corporations and service cuts for the middle class and poor. Privatization, deregulation, cuts in education, attacks on unions and continued global free trade. These policies led a much stronger economy to the brink of national bankruptcy in 2008, and led directly to record personal bankruptcies and foreclosures for the middle class and poor. Can the middle class survive another round of these policies or will another conservative administration complete this nations move to Corporate Feudalism? This is a serious question that should be answered by anyone who believes the U.S. middle class is worth saving.