Corporate Feudalists don’t want you to vote

Posted on: June 20th, 2012 by admin 4 Comments



There has been a nationwide effort in states controlled by conservatives to limit peoples right to vote. Laws have been passed and policies have been implemented to make voting harder for the poor, blacks, Hispanics, and students. This should be no surprise to people familiar with Corporate Feudalism.  The entire plan for Corporate Feudalism is based on the simple fact that the rich know best, control all the resources and really don’t need or care about what become modern day serfs and peasants. Requiring photo ID’s, purging Hispanic sounding names from voter rolls, ending early voting, especially on Sundays, making voter registration as hard as possible, and stopping students from voting where they go to school are all part of this effort. The Corporate Feudalists and their moneypuppet politicians don’t want you to vote, unless you’re rich. It’s really that simple.

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